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Do you know the law? Kethry, co-host of Plead the Sixth, sure doesn’t. Luckily criminal defense lawyers and co-hosts Staci Krause and Courtney Dailey are here to explain it. Join us as we laugh and wonder and question and explain the laws that send people to jail every day. And keep people out of it. Focused on liberty and legality in San Antonio, TX, but with wide ranging implications. This is a great place to learn about your rights and why you should assert them. But funny. Sometimes


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Episode 10: Family Violence in the Law

The crew (mostly Courtney and Staci) discuss a hard topic in the legal community: family violence and how it should ...
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Episode 9: Role of the Judge ft. Judge Michael De Leon

The crew discuss the role of a judge in a criminal court. And for the first time are joined by ...
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Episode 8: Right to Remain Silent

That’s right, IT’S FIFTH AMENDMENT TIME. Kethry knows a bit more about this one, but Courtney and Staci still manage ...
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Episode 7: Presumption of Innocence

Staci and Courtney explain the concept of “innocence UNLESS proven guilty” and actual manage to stay on topic for most ...
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Episode 6: On Prosecutors

The gang discusses the lives and times of prosecutors. And also what a DA is. And ethics. And lots of ...
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Episode 5: Road to Trial, Pt. 2

Staci and Courtney finally get around to explaining all the bits involved in an actual trial, most of which are ...
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Episode 4: Road to Trial, Pt. 1

Staci and Courtney explain all the bits of a case that happen before going to trial, because apparently you don’t ...
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Episode 3: Indigent Defense

Kethry, Staci, and Courtney discuss the intricacies of defending those who cannot afford a lawyer... which applies to far more ...
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Episode 2: On Being Defense Attorneys

Kethry pokes Staci and Courtney into talking about what they love- and don't love- about being defense attorneys. You know ...
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Episode 1: the Sixth Amendment

Staci and Courtney explain the Sixth Amendment so that the title of the show in any way, shape, or form ...
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