A Team in Your Corner

Need someone in your corner? Say no more. We will fight for the best possible outcome for you until the final verdict and beyond.
Communication is vital at every stage of your case. We are available 24/7 to talk to you about your options and what your best strategy may be for you going forward.

Our Approach

Every case is unique. There is no one size fits all solution in criminal cases. We are thorough and will exhaust every option available in your case to get the best resolution possible.
We always start with trying to get a case dismissed. If that’s not possible, we work for the best possible outcome for our clients.

Passion and Knowledge

Your case is very personal to you and we know that. We understand how hard it can be to be facing a criminal charge. That’s why we bring all of our passion and knowledge to the table.
The empathy to help you out and the know how to get it done.

Our Practice Areas

Our firm specializes in criminal defense. This means that we primarily take on criminal cases, where the defendant has been accused of some manner of crime.

The area in which we have the most experience is family violence. These are cases in which two or more involved persons, be they spouses, casual partners, or parent and child, engage in some manner of violence towards one another. An affirmative finding of family violence can be incredibly damaging, which is why we always recommend that our clients fight them.

DUI, or Driving Under Influence, cases occur when a defendant is accused of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a state-altering substance. They’re one of the most common cases brought against defendants, but have several routes to alleviation. We know the science behind the evidence they collect. And the strategies for getting past it.

Assaultive offenses are cases in which the defendant has caused physical harm to the complainant(s). A conviction can affect your ability to own guns, get certain jobs, or win custody disputes for the rest of your life. We try to fight these in every situation.

Drug offenses are cases in which the defendant is found to be in possession of an illegal drug. The severity of these cases varies according to the substance and according to the amount of the substance in possession.

Juvenile cases are criminal cases where the defendant is a minor. These cases can be integral to a child’s development and require a careful touch, as well as thorough knowledge of the way the law interacts with children. We’re not just dealing with smaller adults who’ll get their sheet wiped clean eventually. We’re dealing with a child’s future, and will work extra hard to protect it.

We know that our clients don’t disappear after conviction. And just because a conviction has been handed down does not mean that it is time to stop fighting. We help improve our clients’ chances of getting out on parole by putting together handcrafted and professionally printed parole packets. Or, if already out on parole and at risk of losing that freedom, we defend it with all that we can.

Our Team

Staci Krause Partner

Staci graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Political Science. She then received her Doctor of Jurisprudence from St. Mary’s University School of Law, graduating Summa Cum Laude. While in law school, Staci was an officer in the legal honor society, Phi Delta Phi and served as a Senior Associate Editor for the St. Mary’s Law Journal.
Staci first worked as an Assistant District Attorney for the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office before becoming a defense attorney. She then worked with Soyars & Morgan Law, a highly-respected criminal defense law firm in San Antonio, TX. Staci started her own law firm in 2018, and has since defended hundreds of people with her knowledge of the law.
Staci was recently awarded the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association’s Young Attorney of the Year. In 2020, the SA Scene listed her as one of the Best of SA 2020.


“Mastering the Art of a Strong Defense: Assault Cases”, San Antonio Defender, 2018.

2020 Best SA Lawyer emblem

Courtney Dailey Partner

Courtney Dailey graduated from Texas A&M University – Commerce, with a degree in Political Science. She then received her Doctor of Jurisprudence from St. Mary’s University School of Law, graduating Cum Laude. During law school, Courtney was a member of the Juvenile Jurisprudence Association and served as an Associate Editor the The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice.
Courtney participated in the criminal justice clinic while at St. Mary’s, and has interned at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the 4th Court of Appeals. In 2019, Courtney partnered with Staci Krause to form the Law Office of Krause & Dailey, and has steadily been gaining traction as an experienced lawyer.

In 2020, the SA Scene listed her as one of the Best of SA 2020 and the Rising Star SA award.

2020 Best SA Lawyer emblem

Kethry Tiggs Administrative Assistant

Kethry Tiggs first started administrative work in 2015, working at a small ballroom dance studio in Fort Worth. She has a bachelor’s degree from Southwestern University, where she edited the literary journal, the Spyglass.

Kethry joined the Law Office of Krause & Dailey in 2020 and has been ensuring that it runs smoothly ever since.